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WFM Project & Construction Associates has been established to provide independent, third party support on construction projects. Our autonomy insures that the client receives the best value & protection of their investment. We focus on solving problems and achieving goals. Our responsibility is to work directly for and report to you as your “Supplemental” Facilities Department.

If there is already an established Facilities or Construction Department, we can be kept “on the bench” until needed thus keeping your fixed employee costs under control and relieving the demand on your internal resources. Should there be a surge of work, or the inopportune departure of a current staff member, we are there to provide support without disruption or loss of time and money.

The business professional needs to continually maintain focus on the core business. If the success of the business has created the need for expansion or renovation, the overwhelming task of construction requires specific technical expertise as well as extensive time commitments to guarantee successful completion of a project.

The distinction between an Owner’s Representative and a Construction Manager or other construction professional is that an Owner’s Representative is focused only on the best interests of the client. This eliminates any inherent conflicts that may exist due to the fee basis of the other professional contracts. Those fees may be based on a percentage of the total construction or project cost, and as the costs rise, so does the fee. In contrast, the Owner’s Rep. either works by the hour or a set “capped” fee for the entire project and has no vested interest in any escalation of the project cost. An Owner’s Rep. is a valuable savings for the owner especially when brought in at the project inception This gives the client a resource to help plan the project, identify missing items at an early stage and anticipate any challenges that may develop. This in turn will keep the “dreaded” Change Orders to a minimum.